A network of selected professionals

Translating means far more than replacing the words in the source language with words in the target language. To reproduce a message appropriately, it is vital to grasp both the meaning and the style of the original text.

This is why our quality assurance starts when we select our language professionals. As well as being well-versed in their working language and specialisms, a translator must have a good grasp of the relevant terminology in their target language ‒ i.e. their mother tongue ‒ and produce good style.

Throughout this process, each translation is handled by an experienced project manager who functions as an intelligent interface between the translator, proof-reader and customer. The project manager can see potential problems before they arise. They ask the right questions, coordinate each stage of the work and monitor the milestones in the schedule.

The human factor – and what we do about it

Translators are human – and humans make mistakes. This is why our translations go through several control phases before they are released for delivery.

  • The initial thorough control phase is performed by the translator personally.
  • Next, the work is scrutinised by a second person under the four eyes principle. This means that the source and the target text are compared word for word by another translator who checks for grammar, spelling, punctuation, completeness, correctness of content, correct use of terminology and appropriate style.
  • The third phase is handled by the project manager who takes another close look at the translation. They make sure that the text has the right layout and formatting and meets all the requirements specified in the purchase order. Finally, when all outstanding questions have been resolved, we give the go-ahead for delivery to our client.

Certified quality – but there's more to it...

In addition to our own quality standards, we adhere to the European standard for translation companies ISO 17100, which includes demonstrating compliance through annual audits (DEKRA certificate registration no. 301213005/1).

It's important to us that the specified procedures do not just exist on paper. They must also live in our hearts and minds. Each point in the process chain is occupied by a selected professional who takes a good look at the text, uses their brain, asks the right questions and creates genuine added value.