Proofreading – Copy Editing – Typographic Editing

Ready for publication

There are texts where every word matters ‒ and so does every comma: professional articles, web material and newsletters, press releases, brochures and flyers ‒ in other words, any documents you want to publish, either in print or online.

They contain your ideas and your expertise, but sometimes also a few errors. To make sure your text unfolds its full impact, we handle the checking and optimisation.

So what does this mean to you? Well, you can just lean back, relax and look forward to your printable copy.


Everyone tends to overlook their own mistakes. And so it makes sense to have your own output scrutinised closely by a second person before publishing it. Our proofreaders will take a close critical look at the spelling, punctuation and grammar in your text.

Copy Editing

There are quite a few experts in their fields, but not many of them are also copywriters. This is where our specialist copy editors come in. They have the required linguistic intuition and expert knowledge to not only look at spelling, punctuation and grammar, but also the syntax, style and logical structure of your text.

Typographic Editing

All the wording in your text is razor-sharp and error-free ‒ now all you need is a good visual impact. Our typography editors are DTP specialists with well-trained eyes who look at the final proofs and ensure your layout meets all the relevant typographic rules. This includes the typeface, paragraph formatting, correct word division, uniform bullet points and headings, as well as correct indentation and spacing.

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